Message From Chairperson's Desk

Message From Chairperson's Person Desk

The philosophy of Tarkeshwar Narain Agarwal College of Education is to provide meaningful contribution in areas of Teacher Education that encompasses the overall development of the state which is one of the most important factors for general prosperity and progress.

Today there is an urgent need to create a pool of teachers training with commitment and dedication in the areas of better teaching in the School, to become national leaders in the field of teacher education.

We have to define our priorities in training students and teachers to meet the challenges of modern society. It is in keeping with this mission that we have established Tarkeshwar Narain Agrawal College of Education to promote and develop it as a Model Teachers Training institute in the state of Bihar.

But this ambitious objective cannot be achieved without qualified, effcient and experienced teachers with total committment to their duty, With this end in view we have tried our best to recruit teachers who are fully equipped with knowledge, experience and skills, who inturn will inculcate these values in the students who will be the future teachers Side by side with the quality of teachers proper and adequate infrastructure with healthy ambience is also equally important.

Located almost by the side of Ara-Mohania National Highway in pollution-free rural environment on a plot of about one acre in the midst of nature, our institute meets this requirement sufficiently well. But we donot intend to rest with our laurels. Perfection, in fact, cannot be achieved in a day or two. It needs constant effort and commitment. We assure you that we shall continue move in this direction so that our institute attains heights of excellence and develops into an ideal centre of teachers training.


Anita Krishna


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